Vintage Statement Earrings


Sourced with love from across the globe, our sparking collection of vintage statement earrings brings together the absolute best in style, design, craftsmanship and quality from the last century.

From fun, affordable designs that scream style without breaking the bank, to discreet, forever classics and the largest, loudest pieces of wearable art imaginable, this simply stunning collection of eclectic vintage earrings has something for every occasion.
Visually very strong, our unique collection features effortlessly chic crystal, quintessential pearls, classic gold and silver contemporary designs, a myriad of coloured gems and bold designer pieces to boot.
Oozing sass and glamour, this fabulous collection celebrates the now legendary splendour of the vintage statement earring from the 1950s to the millennium and brings together rare and elegant pieces from designers across the globe, some, iconic, others, virtually unknown.

Immortalised in the 40s and 50s by Hollywood’s best-loved silver screen divas and the fun and frivolity of the cocktail hour, the vintage statement earring played a huge role in the costume jewellery revolution of the mid-20th century and stayed strong well into the 1960s.

Jennifer Gibson Jewellery Statement Earrings

The Crystal Statement Earring. Immortalised by Hollywood in the Mid 20th Century. Image Credit Vanita’s Life & Emma Beaumont Atelier with Jennifer Gibson Jewellery.  

This revolution brought glitz and glamour to women worldwide and placed the vintage statement earring firmly at the top of every jewellery lover’s ‘must have’ list.

As with all iconic styles, a revival was inevitable and when it came, it was phenomenal. Reaching astonishing heights during the 80s and 90s, the vintage statement earring decorated legendary supermodels as they sashayed down designer runways and became the hallmark of some of the coolest pop stars on the planet.

A style effortlessly transcending time, from the silver screen to the over-the-top 80’s, the statement earring remains strong and eternally chic, even now in the 21st Century. Adorning famous faces throughout the ages, from Marilyn to Madonna to Hollywood actress, Anne Hathaway, who gloriously showcased a magnificent pair of our very own 1950s statement earrings on a recent cover of TATLER, these vintage treasures have stood the test of time.

Dress up or dress down, the choice is yours. Paired with a simple blazer and jeans or an iconic LBD, earrings from this superb vintage collection make a strong style statement, however you choose to wear them. Shop the look now and find your favourites.

Make A Statement - Jennifer Gibson Vintage Earrings
Make A Statement - Jennifer Gibson Vintage Earrings
Make A Statement - Jennifer Gibson Vintage Earrings
Make A Statement - Fenwick Jennifer Gibson Vintage Earrings
Crystal Vintage Jewellery from Jennifer Gibson

Dress up or dress down. The statement earring has you covered. Image Credit Vanita’s Life & Emma Beaumont Atelier with Jennifer Gibson Jewellery.

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