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  • Czech 1930s Turquoise Glass Necklace

    1930s Czech Vintage Turquoise Glass Filigree Necklace

  • vintage costume jewellery | askew collar

    1980s ASKEW Ornate Black Glass and Gilt Tassel Vintage Collar

  • An Amazing Large Weiss 1950s Full Alexandrite Vintage Parure

  • Vintage BOUCHER Faux Ruby Gilt Sautoir Necklace

    BOUCHER Faux Ruby & Crystal Gilt 1960s Vintage Necklace Sautoir

  • Vintage Chanel Vintage Chanel Necklace Vintage Gripoix Vintage Jewellery Vintage Costume Jewellery Vintage Necklace

    Chanel Vintage 1970s Gilt Gripoix Bib Statement Necklace

  • 1984 Vintage Chanel Necklace Vintage Chanel Chanel Jewellery Chanel Necklace Jennifer Gibson Jewellery Vintage Jewellery

    Chanel Vintage Necklace Gilt Choker Tassel Necklace 1984

  • Vintage Dior Necklace 1970s Costume Jewellery Jennifer Gibson Jewellery

    Christian Dior 1970s Faux Sapphire Diamond Crystal Necklace

  • Ciner necklace_Vintage Costume Jewellery

    CINER crystal black enamel vintage 80s collar necklace

  • Jennifer Gibson Jewellery | Vintage Costume Jewellery

    D’Orlan 1960’s Gilt and Crystal Sautoir Necklace

  • Vintage DeMario Collar and Panetta Ring

    DeMario Gilt Filigree Faux Pearls 1950s Vintage Collar Necklace

  • Dior Gilt Crystal Set Collar

  • Vintage Costume Jewellery Egyptian Thomas Fattorini Scarab Egyptian Cuff and Collar Necklace

    Dramatic 1970’s Egyptian Revival Thomas Fattorini Scarab Pectoral Necklace and Bracelet Cuff

  • Vintage Costume Jewellery | Antique Heart Pendant

    Early 20th Century Silver and Paste Heart Flower Pendant with Chain

  • Vintage Costume Jewellery Joseff of Hollywood

    Fabulous Joseff of Hollywood Cherub Heart Flowers Pendant & Chain

  • Faux ‘Sapphire and Diamond’ 1950’s Vintage Crystal Necklace and Earrings

  • Goldette Vintage Necklace 1960s Art Noveau Inspired

    Goldette 1960s Vintage Art Noveau Inspired Medallion Necklace

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