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Grosse 1966 Vintage Modernist Cuff

SOLD OUT – Grosse Gilt Rhinestone 1960s Vintage Modernist Bracelet

This fabulous Grosse Bracelet is now sold. If you are looking for a bracelet we have many to choose from and if you cannot see what you're looking for then please drop us an email and we will be ahppy to help you. Thank you. Straight out of the 1960s, this standout piece of Grosse, by the Dior manufacturer Henkel and Grosse is a stunning piece of fashion history. The modernist design of this piece makes for a wonderful, eye catching and luxurious statement piece that works beautifully with a modern and classic wardrobe. Made in 1966 this piece oozes the quality, style and workmanship you would expect from the company, Henkel and Grosse, one of the finest makers of costume jewellery of all time and renowned for the quality and great craftsmanship in their pieces. So much so that post war, Christian Dior struck a relationship with Grosse that would last decades and see the the lions share of Dior Costume Jewellery manufactured by Henkel & Grosse. Henkel and Grosse always maintained their own identity producing pieces under the line of Grosse and this is one such piece. Such a monumental part of the House of Dior was Henkel & Grosse that in 2006 the family withdrew and Henkel & Grosse became part of Dior. This bracelet is in excellent condition for a little over 50 years old and measures approx. 18.5cm long and 3cms wide . The construction of the bracelet as shown in the photographs enables the bracelet to fit around the wrist and form a wonderful modernist and contemporary style cuff! It's always extra special to have a vintage piece dated to the very year it was created and this Grosse piece has just that. This particular piece is dated 1966 and clearly stamped Grosse. These earlier Grosse pieces with standout style are an increasingly rare find and certainly ooze quality and individuality when worn. A hugely wearable bracelet from the 1960s by Henkel and Grosse. This bracelet exudes elegance, luxury workmanship and without doubt can count among one of the best examples of a Grosse costume jewellery bracelet.  
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