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Christian Dior Mitchel Maer Vintage Musical Box Brooch 1950s


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A very rare, unusual and highly collectable piece of 1950s Christian Dior Costume Jewellery. This Christian Dior Musical Box Brooch is in itself a work of art. Take into account it cleverly conceals a miniature Swiss working musical box and this piece becomes highly intriguing and ultra rare. Made in England for Dior by Mitchel Maer between 1952 and 56 this wonderful Dior musical brooch is adorned with hand painted floral detail, cherubs in flight and pearls all congregating around an engraved floral music box. This wonderful gilt case hanging from the Cherub pin contains the musical mechanism. The mechanism is Swiss, by the world renowned mechanical music box makers Reuge in Sainte Croix. The music box is in perfect working order with a winder and button on the reverse and the entire brooch is in excellent condition. The brooch measures approx 6cms by 5cm. Maers work was second to none during this period and his ingenuity in design and collaboration with Paris to create some of the best and most adventurous of the early Dior pieces earned him the unparalleled privilege of co-signing his pieces. Hence this brooch is signed 'Christian Dior by Mitchel Maer'. This relationship was short lived and after a few years Maer became bankrupt and just one year later Dior died. Given the provenance of the Maer for Dior pieces and the fleeting existence of this design collaboration this example as one of the rarest pieces they made this is inevitably an exceptionally special and rare collectors piece. If you choose to buy from us, we commit to the item being as described. Your vintage costume jewellery will arrive beautifully packaged and presented, helping to preserve your one of a kind piece. Each piece is carefully chosen and curated and presented for its quality, style and design and of course authenticity and condition. If you choose to buy from us, we commit to the item being as described. Your item will arrive beautifully packaged and presented.  Don't hesitate to contact us should you require further assistance.
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