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DeMario Gilt Filigree Faux Pearls 1950s Vintage Collar Necklace


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An impressive and large signed piece of 1940s or 50's DeMario jewellery with exceptional workmanship and detail. The intricate gilt rope necklace gives way to five large filigree and pearl gilt drops offset with smaller full pearl drops all the way around the neck. The clasp is a feature too with delicate filigree and rhinestone work surrounding a central full faux pearl. On the large drops there are some tiny pearl flower clusters and also tiny rhinestones interspersed in the filigree work. A couple of the rhinestones may have become detached as when inspected closely the formations are not completely symmetrical. However it is really hard to spot as the piece is intricately detailed and this age appropriate wear will certainly not detract when wearing. Given the delicate nature of DeMario jewellery, finding a piece as important as this and in such excellent vintage condition is very exciting and would make quite a statement when worn. Looks great worn on the neck and also over a high neck dress or top, especially in a very dark contrasting colour. This piece is signed DeMario and measures approx. 40.5cm long and approx. a 10cms drop for each of the 5 filigree pieces.
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