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VOGUE Silver 1940s Crystal Bow Brooch


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This adorable piece was featured in Homes & Antiques Magazine An absolutely stunning, signed, rare example of VOGUE costume jewellery. This incredible mid 1940s bow is a pure statement piece.  Set in solid sterling silver with a gold vermeil (or gold plating) on top of the silver and with each crystal stone individually claw set, this piece shows pure attention to detail. As a high quality piece this brooch boasts more than fifty crystal stones in varying cuts and sizes and colours, predominantly faux aquamarine and faux ruby crystals, cut in elaborate marquise and round shapes. The centre stone is a very impressive 2.5cm wide and a delightful focal point to the brooch. Moreover, many of the large crystal stones have open back settings allowing the light through, giving this piece the ultimate life and sparkle. You can imagine, a huge amount of skill and craftsmanship went into designing this brooch. Now more than 70s years on, with bow brooches still a popular classic and fashion staple, this pin remains a very relevant piece of wearable high quality costume jewellery. We love the vibrant contrasting colours in this particular bow making it a bang en trend bow and it seems Homes & Antiques do too ! The brooch is signed VOGUE and Sterling and is in excellent condition. In case you are wondering just how big this piece is - the brooch measures whopping 14cms from tip to tip of the ribbon and approx. 8cm across. A gigantic, eye-catching piece of sterling silver crystal VOGUE Jewellery - just stunning ! Dare to wear.....
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