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by | Jun 15, 2023

For your special day, choose rare jewels that are truly as unique as you; seriously sentimental keepsakes that you can treasure for decades, an unforgettable memory of your happy union.

Heritage jewels including iconic brands such as Chanel or Dior are perhaps the most perfect choice for your wedding. And if you’re looking for ‘something old, something new’, then you’ve come to the right place. Our collection spans the decades, with each piece boasting an amazing heritage and its own special story that is yours to continue…



A rare and captivating Vintage CHANEL Pearl Camellia Necklace from 1999 and most likely created by Maison Goossens for Chanel. Robert Goossens was a premiere Parisian jeweller with a long-standing close relationship with Coco Chanel since her return to the fashion world in the 1950s. The design incorporates freeform style Camellia flowers; Coco’s favourite flower, set with her trademark faux pearls. The craftmanship of this piece is second to none. Perfect heritage style from the House of Chanel.

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vintage chanel pearl necklace

An important and highly desirable vintage chanel pearl necklace and earring suite. Attributed to Maison Gripoix for the House of Chanel and to the first year of the now legendary Karl Lagerfeld at the House.
Beginning with the impressive torsade style necklace. Four decadent rows of large baroque style pâte de verre or poured glass pearls are individually strung and fastened with a statement clasp, designed to be worn at the side, or the nape, as preferred. The clasp displays a huge, poured glass half pearl with an incredible depth of lustre set within a full mount and weighty coiled frame of 22ct gold plated metal. The earrings mirror the necklace clasp with their impressive, coiled frame, huge pearl, and incredibly their construction can only be described as even more substantial such is their exceptional quality. Incredible centuries old workmanship, construction, materials, and style abound in this suite; the likes of which is quite simply standout in comparison to more recent jewels.

The necklace and earrings are signed and dated to different collections, common with couture suites. Clients would purchase subsequent pieces to complement their existing jewels and some designs punctuated the timeline of the House more than once. This earring style was so revered incarnations of it featured during the 1970s, the early 80s and for a third time in the 1991 Collections. Campaign images in the early 80s and early 90s show models wearing the earrings and none more famous than Linda Evangelista in 1991.

Wonderfully, the necklace date stamp coincides with Karl Lagerfeld joining the House and his early collections, now legendary and immortalised in fashion history. In its own way this suite documents beautifully the evolution of Chanel jewellery markings during the ’70s and 80s as the House lost Coco and Lagerfeld took the helm in 1983. The earrings carry the simple earlier, pre 1980s stamp of simply ‘CHANEL’ and the necklace carries Lagerfeld’s new signature format indicating the necklace was created for season 23 in 1984. The suite straddling the line of the reinvention of the House including the jewels, as Lagerfeld made his mark, quite literally.

A stunning vintage Chanel pearl suite from perhaps the most iconic period of the House and one that will never fail to add an ultra-glam and timelessly chic statement to your look.

Whether you opt for a rare designer heritage jewel, timeless pearls, a traditional touch of blue, an iconic fashion moment or simply the piece that captures your heart, we have it covered.
Vintage Chanel Pearl Camellia Necklace
Vintage Chanel Pearl Camellia Necklace
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Each individually curated jewel is a one-off, oozing timeless style and effortless romance. Vintage jewels make the most exquisite heirlooms and are an inherently ethical choice.
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vintage chanel pearl necklace
vintage chanel pearl necklace
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With a collection as extensive as ours, you’re sure to gravitate to a jewel that best expresses your individuality and style and perhaps carries a symbolic message, poignant for your big day and life ahead.
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