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by | Jan 14, 2022

We love a little pearl power. Said to symbolise the purity, generosity, integrity and loyalty of its wearer, pearls will be forever in vogue, however you choose to style them.

Go demure with a simple strand like Grace Kelly, who famously favoured “pearls on screen and in my private life”. Or if you’re not really a pearls and twinset fan and prefer yours a little edgier, then bring out your inner rebel with a seriously out-there look inspired by style muse, Rhianna and her dramatic pearl cuffs, stacks and chokers.

If you’re looking to add some catwalk cool, then dial it up Naomi style. The fashion icon rocked the runway, literally dripping in 80s’ style Chanel pearls à la Lagerfeld, in a fitting tribute to founder, Coco, who was quoted as saying: “A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls.” And we couldn’t agree more. Pearls are the very embodiment of style.

Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel did indeed take faux pearls to the limits; radically breaking with tradition over a century ago with her obviously fake, oversized pearls. Coco showed the world that you don’t have to have heaps of money to be stylish, as she trailblazed a jewel revolution with her fabulously faux jewels.

Find Your Perfect Pearls - Jennifer Gibson Jewellery
Jennifer Gibson at Marie Claire with Hannah Dodd in Vintage Pearls Capsule Collection
Jennifer Gibson Jewellery Pearl Glam Collection
Pearl Glam - Jennifer Gibson Vintage Jewellery
And she was spot-on. While natural, cultured pearls may be too significant an investment for many, the wonder of quality simulated pearls (predominantly glass beads coated with a pearlized finish), allows us all to play and channel our inner pearly goddess, without being constrained by mother nature.

Whether you’re a rebel, a rock star, or a romantic, the pearl appeal is massive. Pearls are timeless and ageless and when it comes to styling, they have no bounds, leaving us endless room to experiment and create new looks from this forever classic.

Over the years, pearls have proven to be one of our most loved pieces of vintage jewellery and so we wanted to bring you an edit, where they could shine all on their own. Here it is – have fun finding your perfect pearl.

Jennifer Gibson Jewellery Pearl Glam Collection

Love from Jennifer x

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