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  • SOLD OUT – 1950s Petrol Blue Crystal Cha Cha Chandelier Earrings

  • SOLD OUT – A magnificent large 1960 DIOR brooch with Crystal and Art Glass

  • SOLD OUT – Adorable Aventurine Rose Art Glass Heart Bracelet

  • Jennifer Gibson Jewellery | Vintage Costume Jewellery

    SOLD OUT – As Featured IN COSMOPOLITAN And Prestbury Living – Chanel Hoop Logo Gold Plated ’80s Earrings

  • Stanley Hagler Floral Vintage Brooch

    SOLD OUT – AS Seen In VOGUE – Stanley Hagler NYC Art Glass & Micro Bead Floral 1980s Statement Vintage Brooch

  • SOLD OUT – Attwood and Sawyer Rhinestone Encrusted Vintage Heart Necklace

  • SOLD OUT – BOUCHER Modernist Rhinestone Starburst Brooch 1960’s

  • Jennifer Gibson Jewellery | Vintage Costume Jewellery

    SOLD OUT – CHANEL 1984 Iconic 2.55 Flap Bag Earrings

  • SOLD OUT – Christian Dior Opera Length ‘Pearl’ Necklace with Feature Clasp

  • SOLD OUT – CINER Faux Ruby and Pearl Torsade Bracelet

  • SOLD OUT – DIOR Faux ‘Emerald and Diamond’ Crystal Cocktail Evening Necklace

  • Vintage Costume Jewellery Dior

    SOLD OUT – DIOR mesh bracelet Logo Clasp

  • Vintage DIOR Necklace Earrings 1966

    SOLD OUT – Divine Christian DIOR 1966 Brushed Gilt Rhinestone Modernist Earrings Necklace

  • Dramatic CHANEL Pearl Bomb Earrings with CHANEL Logo

    SOLD OUT – Dramatic Iconic CHANEL Pearl Drop Bomb Earrings with CC CHANEL Logo

  • SOLD OUT – Fabulous CINER Pearl Crystal Torsade Necklace

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